Information Addicts
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    Get your news from the good folks at! is a news reader for the links exchanged on It turns the stream of posts into a stream of articles.

    What you can do with

    • Quickly skim through excerpts of the articles exchanged on Only shared articles are shown, all other content (photos, videos…) is ignored.
    • Read articles posted on the global stream, by people you follow, or search for posts.
    • Get articles in your preferred languages only.
    • The original posts are still there as comments to the shared articles. You can reply and repost directly from to join the conversation.
    • View the articles on the web or as a clean text-only version.
    • Share the articles by e-mail, on twitter or on Facebook, send them to Instapaper, Pocket, Evernote, Pinboard and Buffer.
    • You have many options for search: by text, mention, hashtag or posts containing links to a specific domain.

    Try it now and don't miss the great articles shared on! requires a subscription to for full functionality. Create your account on the web site or install the Passport application. on iPhone 5 on iPad